1. From Listener C Martinez:

"Rod saw this last night on Facebook. I think it's real, what do you think??"

This guy hooked his hammock up to his drone and took a little spin

This guy just chilling in his flying hammock!

Posted by Viral Frontiers on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2. A car crashed into the back of a tractor trailer in California this week, 

And got stuck underneath the back left tires and the truck driver never stopped. He had no idea the car was underneath him, and ended up dragging it almost a mile. Witnesses said it was four miles, but California Highway Patrol said it was less than a mile. This video is from another driver who saw it, and made the truck stop. Apparently the car's driver was okay, so at least there were no injuries.

Video not working? Click here.

Going home coming up the freeway on the 15 and this is what I saw wow intense the poor guy got drug at least 4 miles

Posted by Brian Steimke on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

3. Did a Woman Twerking Cause a Car Crash?

A woman in Ukraine was twerking on the side of a road while her friend filmed her and they accidentally caused a serious CAR CRASH. A guy on a motorcycle hit a car head-on when the driver turned in front of him.

It's not clear which one got distracted  or if they actually WERE distracted by the twerking but luckily the guy on the bike survived. He broke his pelvis, and had a compound fracture in his leg.

It happens at :29, and you can see him lying on the ground at :55


4. A Passenger Got Into a Fight with a Pilot at the Airport

A 49-year-old guy got into a shoving match with a pilot at Kansas City airport last Wednesday, and he's facing charges for it. Apparently they'd just gotten off a flight where they sat next to each other the pilot was a passenger, he wasn't flying.

 The other guy says it started on the plane, because the pilot was being rude and taking up too much space. Then they got into it when he tried to take a photo of his I.D.

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