1. Tasmanian Devil Chases After His Keeper

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2. There's a New Cologne That Makes You Smell Like Kittens

Guys don't generally wear cologne because they like it. It's all about attracting the ladies. Which is why this is brilliant: A fragrance company called Demeter just released a new scent that makes you smell like KITTENS.

It's called "Kitten Fur," and they describe the scent as, quote, "the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort [from] just behind a kitten's neck."

A four-ounce bottle costs $40 at DemeterFragrance.com. You can also get a sample for $3 a bottle of kitten-scented body wash for $20 or some kitten-scented lotion for $22.

 If kittens aren't your thing, their other scents include "Popcorn", "Giant Sequoia", "New Baby" and "Gin and Tonic."

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3. Help Save the Pandas by Making a Sex Tape While Dressed as One?

Yesterday was National Panda Day. If you missed it, you're probably devastated. But the good news is, you can still do something to help them, and it involves PORN.

PornHub.com posted a video on their YouTube page, asking people to upload their own "panda porn" videos meaning you get-it-on while DRESSED like one. And they claim biologists might be able to use them to help real pandas mate.

 Zoos DO sometimes use "porn" to get pandas in the mood. But they use footage of other PANDAS, not people. PornHub is donating $100 to wildlife charities for every video you upload though. So if you needed an excuse, you've got one.

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4. Some biologists in Utah were trying to shoot a bear with a tranquilizer dart on Tuesday.

And one of THEM got shot by it instead. 

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