The Internet is treating this like it's some kind of landmark exchange of resources between two superpowers . . . and it's hard to argue that it's NOT.

On Saturday, MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY was hanging out with friends on a balcony in New Orleans, when someone on the balcony noticed that BRAD PITT was on a balcony across the street.

They acknowledged each other, and it was somehow decided that Matthew needed a cold beer . . . and Brad just happened to have one. So he tossed a Hopitoulas IPA by Nola Brewing Co.. And someone just happened to catch the whole thing on video and in a series of photos. 

 (Here's the video.. You'll notice that Saints quarterback DREW BREES was part of Matthew's party posse.)  

Brad was in New Orleans for a charity event . . . at which he grabbed a tambourine and joined BRUNO MARS for a little "Get On Up".