Australian brothers Matt and Tim have been engaged in a prank war for some time now, but Matt inadvertently escalated the conflict when he dissed Nicolas Cage earlier this year, calling the cinematic treasure "a big d-bag."

Immediately, Tim began covertly compiling the craziest photos and screengrabs of Cage’s awesome face, eventually printing 50 sheets worth — more than 3,200 Cage faces in all. Then, he waited.

It took five months, but the perfect opportunity finally came along: Matt went out for his 30th birthday, and Tim struck, blanketing his brother’s house with thousands of Cage faces. He attached Cage faces to all of Matt’s photos, action figures, household products, food (including individual eggs, cheese slices, and ice cubes) and, well, surfaces. He even dumped handfuls into Matt’s socks.

When Matt came home from his birthday celebration, all he could do was walk through the carnage muttering, "F'n Cage. Everywhere."