Tattoo Nightmare Contest
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Winter Olympics Continue
Olympic look-a-likes and Curling Hotties

The trailer for Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy"
Epic? Maybe?

VIDEO: Kate Upton in Zero Gravity
Videos, more videos, and photos

Jimmy Fallon's Very First Standup Gig
Pre-2001 ... wonder how nervous he was then, too!

Silversun Pickups Release "Cannibal" video
Pre-orders are currently on sale now for their new vinyl box set.

Paris Hilton's 33rd Birthday and Birthday Suit Antics
This dress leaves nothing to the ivagination ... IMAGINATION!!!

A Woman Hooked Up with a Guy on Valentine's Day
... Then Stole His Car

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Promos
Reveal a Whole Lot of Miley Skin

"Six Most Ridiculous Products Ever Made for BOOBS."

An Armadillo 'Dancing' to "Billy Jean"
Speaks for itself really ...

Someone is Tweeting the Movie "Top Gun"
Roughly One Frame At a Time

Dinah was hanging out at Fat Boys
Check out her pictures and their huge burgers!