She showed up to an event wearing a one-piece dress that was either giving her a camel toe, or it was kind of see-through in the crotch and she wasn't wearing underwear.
Kim Kardashian is addressing the gossip rags that say she weighs 200 pounds. She says they're 60 pounds off.
Until you compare him to a picture of his dad at the same age.
Bikini-Clad Gisele Hits the Beach With Shirtless Tom, Baby Vivian, Jack, and Ben.
He tried to fly crotch-first at an opponent, but the guy moved, and somehow, Waltman ended up ripping his no-go-hole.
15 year old boy from Oregon hiked 70 miles, and became the first person with Down's Syndrome to reach the Mount Everest base camp, which is an elevation of 17,600 feet.
And The Announcers' Commentary Is Amazing...
A Great White Shark Breaks Through a Shark Cage...a Crocodile Almost Eats a Photographer...and a Cat Takes a Dog for a Walk.
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