Dominique Sachse's Check The Tape Moment

While talking about the Presidentional Ball, Dominique Sachse had her own check the tape moment! Thanks, Listener Jim

Best Photo and Videos from Inauguration Day

See some of the best moments from yesterday's presidential inauguration

Rihanna Posts More Sexy Photos on Instagram

Rihanna posted two pics of herself over the weekend . . . one of her cleavage, and another showing off her backside in a tight white bodysuit.

Jennifer Lopez MILFs Up a Yacht 

Jennifer Lopez logged some bikini time on a yacht in Miami

Gun n' Roses 7-minute video clip of "Appetite for Democracy" 

A seven-plus-minute clip from GUNS N' ROSES' upcoming 3-D concert movie, "Appetite for Democracy," has hit the Internet

Drunk Guy Gets Frostbite On His Junk... After Trying To Have Sex With A Snowman

Last week, a 64-year-old man in England was DRUNK, spotted a snowman on the street... and decided to HAVE SEX WITH IT.

Watch: Green Day "Quatro!" Trailer

Green Day's new documentary, called Cuatro!, will have its premiere screening at the upcoming X Games in Aspen, Colorado.