It's called "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom", and the company that bought it says, quote, "The footage is amazing. I think many fans will be shocked at how truly explicit it is."
Ray J just released the video for "I Hit It First", and it's obvious that he's still trying to play us, because his co-star is a blatant Kim Kardashian look-alike.
Julianne Hough, Nina Dobrev and another hot chick in bikinis braiding each other's hair...HOT!
Back in March, a company called Mars One announced they're offering free trips to Mars in 2023. But there's a's a one-way ticket.
He has a rare condition that's made his scrotum swell up to 132 lbs, but earlier this month, he finally had surgery to reduce it.
When he got out, there was a cop waiting for him, and he was arrested.
To celebrate last night's Rockets win...let's enjoy some NBA Cheerleaders!