Rod with Budweiswer Clydesdales at T-Bone Toms
Photos from T-Bone Toms in Kemah on January 30, 2013. 

Nice ta meetcha! I'm up for three ways. (Video)
Some guy on YouTube named Zach recorded a video introducing himself to his fiancée  best friend . . . and talked about why having a three-way was a good idea.
Former "teen bride"Courtney Stodden took some bikini shots with her dog
As if these two weren't already nauseating enough
Is There Any Chance the Monday After the Super Bowl Will Become a National Holiday?
If Congress wants us to LOVE THEM again, all they have to do is this.
Penelope Cruz sings ... and strips down to her lingerie ...
In a video for a Spanish artist that you've never heard of, Penelope Cruz gets sexier.
Facebook app 'Bang With Friends' is supposedly averaging five new users a MINUTE
It's not as discret as one would good luck with that.
World's Dumbest Teacher Tweets a Photo of herself

One post said "Naked. Wet. Stoned."
Rebel Wilson's New "Fat Mandi" Clothing Line
Warning: Not for "Skinny Bitches"

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