Ron Jeremy is still in the hospital recovering from two surgeries for a heart aneurysm, but it sounds like he's getting better.
Apparently Lucy Pinder likes to share her hotness via Twitter.
Last week, a 54-year-old woman in New York visited her 30-year-old son, who was in jail for a weapons charge, and while she was there, they made out, so she could smuggle him some Oxycodone she'd put in her mouth.
A guy bought a scratch-off lottery ticket on Monday, and won $100,000...he worked at a fast-food restaurant, and he'd have to work six years to earn that much. So he called in "rich" to work, and quit his job.
One woman's effort to make PG-rated cakes out of a penis-shaped pans.
Animator does an awesome job recapping the NFL Season.
How many times have you seen this? A distracted movie character walks into the street, and BAM...gets blindsided by a bus. Check out this montage.
Soundgarden's February 17th show at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, the last of a three-night stint there, will be filmed by Live From The Artist's Den, and they're giving away a trip.
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