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Sad news today from our "Pay it Forward" story involving Russel and Benny. Unfortunately, on Saturday morning, Russel passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Remember Danielle Fishel, Topanga, from the Disney Channel series "Boy Meets World"? She did some pictures for "Maxim" that you might like.
Jennifer Love Hewitt jokes that her boobs are worth $5 million...she also says her grandmother calls her "the TV ho" because of her show "The Client List".
An unruly marten invaded the pitch during a Swiss Super League match between Thun and Zurich, expertly evading capture by any means necessary.
Check out the evolution of Nicole Eggert's weight loss in pictures.
We don't know his name, but the last time we saw him, he was nestled snugly in Paulina Gretzyky's cleavage.
Obviously, that got the security guards' attention, and he was arrested.
This might be the best thing on the Internet right now.
Oversharing dude gets a vibrator stuck in his no-go hole, and then Livetweets his trip to ER!
A retired couple in Tempe, Arizona won the second-place prize in Powerball last Wednesday, which meant a one-million dollar jackpot.
On Friday, a guy tweeted a photo of his brand new tattoo of the NETFLIX logo, and Netflix responded by giving him one year of free streaming.
He passed sobriety tests, so the cops took his word for it.
We've partnered with our friends over at Sun and Ski for Win a Bike Wednesday! Get all of the details here.
It's that time of year again...get the details on the Golf Tournament benefiting TAA.
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