Tattoo Nightmares Contest and Photos
We're up to 121 photos!

UPDATED: Winter Olympics in Sochi
We won two more medals in Sochi yesterday

Morgan Freeman Marriage Proposal
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Friday FAIL Blog
Happy FAIL Friday!

"Sharknado 2" is filming
On the streets of New York City as we speak

Smartest Girl Scout Sniper EVER!!!
117 boxes in 2 hours. 

Jonathan Davis: Obama is a Dictator
Who Uses Miley Cyrus & Kanye West to Destroy America

A Woman Records Her Kids While Driving
... And Rear-Ends Someone

Let's Look At Girlzzz:
Ashley Working Out, Nicole's Glistening Boobies, and More!

Sarah Hyland Groped By a Man in Sydney
Who Asked To Take A Picture With Her

What '80s Movie Can You Not Do Without?
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