Friday FAILblog
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PHOTOS: Snoop Dogg AKA Snoop Lion at House of Blues
Snoop L-I-O-N!

More "My Little Pony" Tattoos
These are getting pretty diverse and interesting!

A Woman Gets Even with Her Ex-Boyfriend ...
By Slicing the Tattoo of His Name Off Her Arm & Mailing It 

Snow-Themed Versions of Songs
Sung by School Administrators

Lets see Tha' Girlzzz:
SI's Swimsuit Cover, Sofia Vergara in Yoga Pants and More!

Courtney Love and Dave Grohl To Sit At The Same Table
For Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ed Reed: JACKED in Broad Daylight
For an un-godly amount of dough ... 

Must-See New Product:
Practice Your Kissing on a Make-Out Pillow

Want a Cat That Looks Like a Werewolf?
Someone's Breeding Them 

Helmet Cam Footage of a Guy
Illegally Base Jumping From a Gondola

New In Theaters This Weekend
We have trailer videos here!

PornHub Comments On Valentine's Day (NSFW Language)
The Dirtiest Comments Said In the Most Loving Way