Enjoy a some new fails on this lovely Friday!
"Details" magazine conducted a poll to determine the Most "Do-able" Celebrities.
Kim Kardashian went out to visit a friend the other day, and she brought her pregnant nipples with her.
Check out a new trailer for "The Hangover Part 3".
A high school football coach who's also the father of a New England Patriot is suing Cowboys Stadium after a runaway golf cart slammed into him on the field.
He was hit by a stray bullet, but survived without any wounds...because the bullet lodged in his belt buckle.
So far the best catch of the season goes to a fan at the Astros-Mariners game on Wednesday night...who managed to catch a foul ball in his beer. has a list of "12 Ridiculous Workout Videos You Probably Didn't Know Existed".
A guy in Hawaii was fishing from his kayak in the middle of the ocean, and had a camera set up that was pointing straight at him.
He was arrested after cops saw him sell $1,000 worth of painkillers.
Fragrance company Demeter has announced his and her zombie fragrances.
Texans RB Arian Foster is in the Semifinals for Madden EA 25 Cover Go Vote (or NOT).