School Closings and Weather Updates
Is it cancelled? Go here to find out. 

Tattoo Nightmare Re-Cap
We have photos!

Not One, But Two John Travolta Name Generators has created a "name generator" ... 

Snake vs. Crocodile in Epic 4-Hour Battle
A huge snake in Queensland, Australia killed and ate a crocodile ...

Zelda Sword Stabbing in Houston:
A Vicious, Pointy Love Triangle

How Democratic is Your Name?
There's a website called ...

Watch a Reporter Get Taken Out by a Snowplow
Yesterday morning, a reporter named Steve Keeley ...

Carrie Underwood Meets Norman Reedus
Carrie Underwood performed in New Orleans over the weekend ...

Matthew McConaughey in "Interstellar"
People are already pegging him as a possible two-time Oscar winner.

Mugshot of the Day:
A Brother and Sister Busted For Shoplifting Were Caught Kissing In Jail

Woman Congratulates Husband on New Baby
... that he's expecting with his mistress.

Improvements on Ellen's Oscar Selfie
Including the one we tweeted yesterday! Follow us @rodryanshow!