GUEST: Chris and Wayman with the Blacktop 3-on-3 Battle 
Register your team! Ages 8+!

March 5 - Bayou Music Center

VIDEO: Khloe Kardashian
Getting Her Boobs Rubbed

Are These the 10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood? has put out a so-called "Definitive Ranking ...

Let's Look At Gurlzzzzz:
Minaj makeup free AND shirt free, J. Simpson too thin?

Want Jared Leto's Hair?
What if everybody at the Oscars had JARED LETO'S hair? 

Budweiser Honored By This Year's "Product Placement Awards"
The results of the annual Product Placement Awards 

That's One Horny Cheeto
Here's a photo of a Cheeto shaped exactly like ...

Selfie of the Day: Pilot Takes Video While Firing Missile
It's a Royal Danish Air Force pilot named Thomas Kristensen

Mugshot of the Day: The Woman Who Got Caught Making Out With
Her Brother in Jail Was Arrested Again

A CEO Said He'd Donate Money to Cancer Research
... for Every Employee Who Shaved Their Head

***Best Link Of The Day. This Marine is getting a Medal of Honor
... for jumping on a grenade, what did you do today?

Woman Tries To Drive Kids Into Ocean
Tim Tesseneer was driving along Daytona Beach on Tuesday 

Flea to Voice Disney Character
Although Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has

Billionaire March Madness Bracket
Are you one of the first 15 million people to sign up? We have no idea.

Linkin Park: Carnivores Tour
Pre-sale going on TODAY til 10 p.m.