Tragedy at SXSW:
2 dead, 23 injured after car plows in crowd

Rod Ryan Show Cares:
Becky Gill Cancer Benefit

A Guy Lost a Bet and Had to
Dance on a Street Corner for 30 Minutes

VIDEO: Paintball at Combat Houston with Jacoby Shaddix
Check it out! In case you missed your chance ...

Lookin at Girlzzz: Kim K's Kleavage is still awesome,
Mariah in a Bikini, and Chrissy Teigen naked on Instagram!

VIDEO: Here's Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombing U2
... at the Oscars, set to the "Jaws" theme.

And now ... Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic
plays Lorde's "Royals" ... on an accordion.

A Woman Finds a Severed Lizard Head in Her Salad
... and Almost Eats It Because It Looks Like Asparagus

A Man in a Cookie Monster Onesie Is Busted For Theft
A 30-year-old man in Texas was busted for theft

A Three-Year-Old Tries to Convince
His Mom to Let Him Have a Cupcake