Sex, Jail, Blood or Fame!
Check out what our listeners were up to this weekend!

PHOTOS: Galveston Sandcastle Competition
Thanks Listener David Barbour!!! Great Job!!! 

VIDEO: Dave Grohl Teases New Show!
Watch the Trailer for "Sonic Highways"

VIDEO: Linkin Park Release New Song "Wastelands"
The new album "THE HUNTING PARTY" comes out June 17

Lookin at Girlzzz 
Upton in Lingerie, Courtney's Cleavage, and Cuoco's new hair cut!

#FPSF Photos + Videos
Drone footage, Bands, & Random Make outs!

Luke Bryan Fell on His Face While Performing ... Again
This is the second time Luke's gotten stitches after a performance!

A 113-Year-Old Woman Just Married a Man Who's 43 Years Younger
A 70-year-old guy from her nursing home...

VIDEO: The World Cup Anthem Overflows with BOOBS!
A solid 2 minutes and 53 seconds of boobs bouncing up and down

A photo of a black bear
Chilling out in a hammock

Why Did This Guy Steal $357,000
Of Human Skin...

A Paper Airplane Was Thrown from the Top of a Soccer Stadium
And Hit a Player!

Star Wars Episode VII
Super-Secret Pics & Spoilers From The Set!