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Check out the Top 30 Most Awesome Trucks in Houston

Sex, Jail, Blood or Fame!
New additions to the blood and fame galleries!

Rod at The Pub Fountains - April 17
If you snapped a photo with Rod, it's here.

Lookin at Girlzzz: Wilde's, and Tila's Baby Bump, plus More Cuoco
Better enjoy OLIVIA WILDE'S baby bump while you still can.  

"Bull Durham" Tops a New List of the 101 Greatest Sports Movies
The 1988 baseball movie "Bull Durham" took the top 

Can you guess the Johnny Depp movie by the Johnny Depp hairstyle?
Take the Johnny Depp Movie-Hair ...

A High School Student Asks Miss America to the Prom
... and Gets Suspended?

Did Apple Maps just find the LOCH NESS MONSTER?  
There's an Apple Maps satellite photo 

A Little Girl Got Frustrated With an Arcade Claw Game
... So She Crawled Inside and Started Handing Out Toys

Coming Soon ... Powdered Alcohol?
For some reason, the government has approved POWDERED LIQUOR. 

A Minor League Baseball Player's Face After Getting Hit by a Fastball
Wanna know what it looks like when you

A Guy Found a Six-Carat Diamond
... and is Donating It to Charity

Man recovering after freak lawn-mowing accident in Baytown
A guy from Texas named Patrick Smith

Johnny Manziel Catches Deep Throw
One-Handed While Riding Jet Ski