Friday FAILblog
It's FRIDAY! Here's the FAILblog!

Clair Was a Gold Buckle Foodie Judge at Rodeo Houston
Food galore! 

PHOTOS: Rod Ryan at The Pub in Stafford
Rod Ryan spent Thirsty Thursday at The Pub in Stafford! 

A Guy Destroys His Own Maserati ... to Show That Money Is Ruining Music
Baseball legend Willie Mays appears in the video 

Vine is Banning Nudity
Bad news if you follow a lot of porn stars on Vine ...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot
The guy who came up with the "cronut" has a new invention

"Smokey and the Bandit" is Making a Return
... to Computer Screens Near You

Three Mind-Blowing New Inventions
Bacon, insta-gasms, and Tickles

Women We Heart: Courtney Stodden
... in a bikini!

Courtney Love in the New Fall Out Boy Video "Rat A Tat"
She plays some kind of music-hating, leather-wearing fascist 

Carmen Electra is now the oldest "FHM" Cover Girl
She made a name for herself as a star of 90s beach drama Baywatch