Dinah "The Cheerleader" Memes
Today on the show, Dinah revealed ...

Friday FAILblog
We've got FAILs for days!

The Rod Ryan Show Tours
The Houston Food Bank

Rod Ryan at The Pub in the Fountains - March 27
Thursday nights belong to The Pub

Tailgaiting in Tampa Ends in Crash
A woman in Tampa uploaded a video of a guy ...

VIDEOS: Hearing Impaired Woman in England
Hearing Sound For The First Time

Shakira's 12 Best Dance Moves
This is either insanely sexy ... or just insane. 

The First "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Trailer Is Here
Unless you have a LIFE, you may have noticed the huge uproar ...

Jack Antonoff (From Fun.)
Released a Lena Dunham Directed Music Video

A High School's Prom Venue Went Out of Business at the Last Minute
... So Now They're Having It at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

LOCAL: 100 cats seized from home of two women
... and there's a cat lady in Philly who's crazy, too. 

A Hollywood Special Effects Guy Adds Awesome Effects
to Videos of His Three-Year-Old