Did you see the interns handing out posters? 
Send a photo to clair@thebuzz.com if you saw the interns ...

PHOTOS: Hottie Posse Poster Signing
at The Pub Fountains July 24

Movie Star Workouts
Hercules, Wolverine, & The 300 Spartans

Comic-Con Chaos
Comic-Con is happening this weekend ...

Friday FAILblog
Click. FAIL. Repeat.

Comedian Frank Caliendo reads Lebron James'
"coming home" letter in Morgan Freeman's voice

Camera Captures Footage Of T-Mobile Robbers
Three masked men snatched more than $30,000 worth ...

Movie Extras
Hot Tub Time 2, Roddy Piper Movie? and 50 Shades...

Lookin at Girlzzz:
Minaj's Ass Eats a Thong, Taylor Momson 21, Cameron, Paris and More!

New Movies This Weekend
"Hercules" Starring The Rock "Lucy" Starring Scarlett Johansson

Photo of the Day: A Real Estate Listing
Accidentally Featured a Guy's Junk

Amazing Medical Stories: Junk Removal
and Vibrator stuck for 10 years!!!

New Products, Fill 100 Water Balloons in :60,
Shocking Wristband and More!