Tattoo Nightmares Contest and Photos
Congratulations to Sylvia!!

Today's Guest: Mr. Skin
Check out the Anatomy Awards!

The Pixies - Feb. 27 - Bayou Music Center
Photos from the show!

Friday FAIL Blog
Happy Friday and Happy Go Texan Day!

Rod Ryan Show Cares: Rock & Shop
This event will be Co-hosted by our very own Eternal Intern Michelle!!!

New Movies This Weekend!!
Check out the previews here ...

NEW VIDEO ADDED: The Rod Ryan Show Office COMBINE!
Here's final, produced video complete with interviews and times!

10 Celebrities Who Came to Regret Their Tattoos
There are a lot of ill-advised tattoos out there ...

Lookin at Girlzzz ...
Nikki from "The Bachelor" Oh My!, Kate Moss' fanny, etc.

And Now ... Jean-Claude Van Damme Does His "Epic Split" in Outer Space
Jean-Claude Van Damme's "Epic Split" video was huge last year.

Jeff Gordon Posed as a Cab Driver, Picked a Guy Up, and Pranked Him
... by Leading the Cops on a High-Speed

All Things Oscars! has ranked all 85 Best Picture Oscar winners from best to worst.

Watch Beck's Saturday Night Live Preview
With Jim Parsons