Two guys in Houston got in a fight the other night over a woman, and one guy ended up almost killing the other guy with a replica sword from "The Legend of Zelda".  

It was the boyfriend versus the ex-husband, and the ex-husband stormed the house and started the fight.  The boyfriend stabbed him twice with the sword, and won the fight.  But he LOST the girl ... she dumped him and kicked him out.  

The boyfriend's name is Eugene Thompson.  In this clip, he talks about how psycho the other dude is, and he describes his replica sword.  It's actually a real sword, with a sharp blade, but it's supposed to be for decoration. Here's one that's similar, we're unsure if this is the exact sword:

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The names of the girlfriend and her ex haven't been released.  The ex was taken to the hospital in serious condition with two stab wounds, and Eugene was treated at another hospital for a gash on his forehead, after the ex hit him with a flower pot.

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