::::Updated Feb. 21::::

We won two more medals in Sochi yesterday.  But overall, it was a somewhat disappointing day for the U.S.

The women's hockey team played Canada for the gold medal, and we were up two goals in the third period.

But then Canada scored with about three minutes left ... we BARELY missed an open netter when they pulled their goalie ... and they scored again with 55 seconds left.

Then they scored on a power play in overtime to win 3-2. Check out some funny videos of people in Canada reacting to the win here.

We still won silver, but the U.S. players were OBVIOUSLY disappointed, and there was A LOT of crying afterward.

::::Updated Feb. 20::::

A Canadian bobsledder named Heather Moyse wanted to take a salt bath after her run ... but found that none of the bathrooms in Sochi had bathtubs.

So she filled up a garbage can with hot water and salt, and bathed in it.  Then someone took a photo of her, and she put it up on Twitter.  

BONUS! Here's a gallery of 14 Olympians and Their Movie Twins


::::Updated Feb. 19::::

Check out a gallery of Winter Olympians and their celebrity look-alikes.  Not all of them work, but a few are really good. Is this Bode Miller or Ed Burns?!

Also, here's a gallery of Olympic Curling Hotties!

Mobile Users: Click here to view gallery

::::Updated Feb. 18::::

Here's a whole gallery of Olympic Figure Skating faces ... 



Last week, U.S. Olympian Gus Kenworthy found some stray puppies in Sochi, took photos with them and announced he'd be adopting all of them.  A few days later, he won the silver medal in slopestyle.

::::Updated Feb. 17::::

Speaking of Russia, another big story over the weekend was the U.S. hockey team beating Russia 3-2 in a shootout on Saturday.  It wasn't for a medal, but everyone compared it to the "Miracle on Ice" game from 1980.


We also beat Slovenia 5-1, so we're still undefeated.  And it's possible we could play Russia again if both of us make it to the final.  The playoffs start Tuesday, but the medal games won't happen until the weekend.

We know it’s old footage… but you have to see Curling with Cats!

There's a video from 2011 making the rounds online, and it's just footage of curling from the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino.  But instead of curling stones, someone edited in cats.  

Also, Listener August sent us a few photos from Sochi:

::::Updated Feb. 14::::

The Most Un-Graceful Photos of Figure Skaters

Figure skating is one of the most elegant sports you'll ever see.  So, we give big credit to photographers who were able to make it so hideous. Here's a gallery of figure skaters in action making awful faces.  


Here's U.S. Figure Skater Jason Brown ... Plus Flatulence Sound Effects

Someone took footage of U.S. figure skater JASON BROWN.  He's the one with the infamous ponytail.  And they added in sound effects so it sounds like he PASSING GAS during all of his tricks.

::::Updated Feb. 13::::

When Athletes Aren't Competing, They're Hooking Up or Eating McDonald's

So what do Olympians do during all their downtime at the Olympics?  Apparently they HOOK UP and EAT MCDONALD'S.  The hook-up app Tinder is supposedly HUGE among the athletes at the Olympic Village.  Also, they all get free, unlimited McDonald's.

There's a photo going around of an 18-year-old U.S. skier named Torin Yater-Wallace carrying a GIANT TRAY of McDonald's sandwiches.  He even said his FAVORITE PART of being at the Olympics is the free McDonald's.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A Danish TV show took footage of skiers crashing on the moguls course, but combined it with footage of those huge "At-At" vehicles from the "Star Wars" movies, so it looks like the skiers fall down because they're being shot by LASERS.

As if being an Olympic skier who does slopestyle trick skiing won't get you LAID enough ... a U.S. slopestyle skier named Gus Kenworthy just posted photos of himself with some ADORABLE STRAY PUPPIES he found in Sochi.

He says he's planning to bring the puppies back to the U.S. with him and he's already contacted kennels and made vaccination appointments.  


::::Updated Feb. 12::::

Hockey Fight Canada vs USA women's teams

It's going DOWN!

Snowboarder Shaun White was hoping to win his third straight gold in the men's halfpipe, but he crashed on his first run and ended up in fourth place.  

That's right.  Even after backing out of the slopestyle event to improve his halfpipe chances, he didn't medal ...  and will be going home empty-handed.

The guy who beat him has the nickname I-POD, Iouri Podladtchikov.  And Shaun says, quote, "As much as it's going to break my soul, I'm going to have a drink with him."

Read NBC's recap of Shaun's disappointing run here and watch the full replay here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

A Montage of Crashes From the Men's Halfpipe Competition at the Olympics

All three Americans who were competing crashed in at least one of their runs, including Shaun.  And Deadspin.com put together a montage of some of the worst crashes yesterday.



This is SO Canada ... thinking the rest of the world desperately wants their beer when that's not actually true.  There's a beer fridge in the Canada Olympic House in Sochi that only opens when you scan a Canadian Passport.  

::::Updated Feb. 11::::

Here's a gallery of 40 hot athletes in the Winter Olympics, leading off with Lolo Jones ... 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photos of Olympic Stars as Kids

You probably haven't gotten a chance to know too many of the American Olympians competing in Sochi yet ... but we've got pictures of them as kids.


Yahoo posted photos of some of our Winter Olympics athletes when they were young.  You'll recognize some names, like Shaun White and Lolo Jones ... and you'll probably get to know the other names over the next two weeks.  



::::Updated Feb. 10::::

Winter Olympics Medal Count ... The U.S. Is In Third Place

Going into day three of the Winter Olympics, the United States is in third place.  Norway holds the top spot with 7 medals.  And although we're tied for total medals with the Netherlands, their silver gives them the edge on us to take second place.

You can check the updated medal counts at NBCOlympics.com.

A U.S. Bobsledder Got Trapped in His Bathroom and Had to Smash a Hole in the Door to Get Out

An American bobsledder named Johnny Quinn got trapped in his bathroom in Sochi on Saturday.  He ended up having to smash a hole through the door to get out, and thanked his, quote, "bobsled push training" for allowing him to escape.


He thanked his, quote, "bobsled push training," for allowing him to smash the GIANT HOLE in the door and get himself free.

Russia Screws Up the Olympic Rings

Near the beginning of the ceremony, a light show was designed to have snowflakes open up and form the Olympic rings.  Only one of the five snowflakes didn't open, so we got four interlocking rings and an awkward snowflake.

Snowboarder for Russia Puts Phone Number on Helmet  

On Thursday, during a qualifying event, Alexey Sobolev put his PHONE NUMBER on his helmet.  And that strategy DEFINITELY worked.

He says he's been FLOODED with calls and texts . . . including LOTS of photos of naked women.  He says, quote, "I'm definitely going to call them."

(The number is +7925022285 if you want to try to get in on this action.)

Is American Olympic figure skater ASHLEY WAGNER the new MCKAYLA MARONEY? 

McKayla became a social media sensation during the 2012 Summer Olympics, with the "not impressed" look she gave after winning a silver medal.

On Saturday, Ashley was not only "not impressed" with her scores, she was outraged.  She made an obvious "This is B.S." face.  Then she looked at someone and mouthed the word "B.S." ... but the FULL version.

Not surprisingly, Ashley's angry face has become a meme ... just like McKayla's "not impressed" look.