A Minnesota angler was on top of the world after a recent ice-fishing expedition across the border in Ontario, Canada, during which he reeled in an enormous lake trout that weighed 52 pounds, 3 ounces.

Rob Scott’s enthusiasm was understandable. It was the largest trout he had ever tangled with, by far, and he’d later learn that the 45-inch fish was nearly 24 pounds heavier than the existing world record for a tip-up-caught lake trout.

(Tip-ups are wood or plastic devices, with a spool of line, attached to a flag that raises to signal a strike; the angler then brings in the line with his hands.)

But three weeks after the February 8 catch on the Ontario side of Lac la Croix, Scott finds himself the subject of an Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources investigation, his fish-of-a-lifetime seized as evidence.