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A whisky shot, with a preserved human toe inside, and a man is fined for accidentally drinking the toe!
and this time, she discraces #23!
"Weird Science" hottie Kelly Lebrock is 53, and looking pretty good these days.
Eva Longoria may not have the biggest chest, but she can produce some sexy cleavage when she wants to.
On Sunday, Burger King's introducing a new burger that uses french fries as a topping...It's called the French Fry Burger.
Alec actually got the guy in a hammerlock and pinned him against the hood of a car.
The website Pornhub just released the results of a massive study on the most popular types of porn for each state...for most states, the top search is teen or college.
Here's an easy/dumb prank to play on someone..check it out.
Matthew McConaughey fights HIV and the law in 'Dallas Buyers Club' trailer.
... With His Stepdaughter, of coures in Florida.
The new New Nine Inch Nails album "Hesitation Marks" doesn't come out until next Tuesday, but it's now streaming in its entirety on iTunes.
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