Two women in Chicago videoed a guy who was driving down the highway next to them, while his girlfriend was straddling him and they were obviously doing it.
Sofia Vergara hit three different post-Emmy parties, where she danced, twerked and ate a cheeseburger.
Selena Gomez was looking nice and busty at Milan Fashion Week.
Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell still looks pretty awesome in a bikini.
And of course, she brought cameras along to document the whole thing.
An Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator did a parody song and video called "[Eff] You, The Hunger Games" ...which points out all the similarities between "The Hunger Games" and the 1987 Schwarzenegger classic "The Running Man".
A legally blind woman in England was walking with her seeing-eye dog Jet recently, and pushing her baby in a stroller, when a car came straight at them, but Jet saw it, lunged toward the stroller, and pushed it out of the way.
A record-breaking 6,900-pound cheesecake was unveiled at the Cream Cheese Festival in upstate New York on Saturday.
...including a guy who got his girlfriend to jump up and down.
Rod is not the only oe who HATES feet. Check out this article explaining what it's like to strongly dislike feet.
Fall Out Boy is teasing a September 30th announcement that hints at the involvement of PAX-AM, the Los Angeles studio owned and operated by singer/songwriter Ryan Adams.
Awesome...Young schoolkids cover Tool’s “46 & 2”.
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