Sex, Jail, Blood or Fame!
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Queens of the Stone Age
Photos from Feb. 9 at Bayou Music Center

Chicks on a Monday
Jessica, Mariah, Naya and More

Winter Olympics in Sochi
All the buzzworthy news here ...

NFL Prospect Michael Sam is Gay
He actually came out to his teammates last summer.

Russian Choir Performs "Get Lucky"
The Olympic Opening Ceremonies were packed.

George Zimmerman vs. DMZ Boxing Match Has Been Cancelled
Like we thought it would be.

15-minute Preview of Season Four of "Game of Thrones"
Can you say, "Purple Wedding"?!

Delta Makes an Emergency Landing
When a Drunk Woman Flips Out on some guy for not giving 'it' to her.

A Woman Tells the Local News It's Easy to Jog in the Snow
And promptly trips and falls moments later.

And Now ... A Squirrel Tries to Bury a Nut in a Dog's Fur

Watch What Happens
When You Bumrush Josh Homme

Houston Zoo Welcomes New Baby Elephant
He weighs 400 lbs!

Doug Goes to Comic Con
PHOTOS: New Orleans, Feb. 7-9