Enjoy a some new fails on this lovely Friday!
Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, got another boob job, making her a D Cup now.
If you liked that Jamie-Lynn Sigler pregnant bikini pic from earlier this week, here are a couple more.
With Father's Day coming up this Sunday, has released a somewhat random list of The 23 Hottest TV Dads of All Time.
Here are a few local stores offering freebies for Dads this weekend!
Only two were eventually dismissed, and the guy had to pay a $133 fine.
He referred to her as a "desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua."
At yesterday's Mets-Cardinals game, a fan holding a beer slipped and tumbled over two rows of seats, and the camera that was on the pitcher happened to show it in the background.
Check out a new trailer for "The Wolverine".
Check out Batman Bill's review of "Man of Steel".
Brandon Boyd from Incubus releases first song off upcoming solo album.
The networks said they will throw a "Music Independence Day" party that day, showing videos, and giving exposure to artists at a time it can be hard for them to break through to a larger audience.
Register here for your chance to win a Draftmark Home Tap System, along with a pair of Bud Light Weenie Roast tickets.