Friday FAIL Gallery!
The best day of the week is here! 

The ABCs of Boobs
All shapes and sizes! 

Meet Mercury, the cat with no legs
... and eat your heart out. He's the cutest thing!

Goodnight, Jay Leno
Catch all the coverage and tweets from last night's final episode.

Miley, Gisele, Mandy and More!
Instagram gets cray on Thursday

RHCP Drummer Chad Smith -vs- Will ferrell
Video battle from the two dopplegangers

There's ANOTHER Farrah Abraham Porno Coming Out
Umm ... didn't she just say she regretted doing porn?

That female "Expendables" movie is still happening
It will be directed by Robert Luketic

A Teenager on a Field Trip for Anatomy Class
Took a Selfie with a dead body.

A Show in Japan Woke a Guy Up by
Launching His Bed 150 Feet in the air.

Here are over 1,000 Text Messages Between 
Richard Incognito and Jonathan Martin

Houston Zoo's New Baby Giraffe
Beware: He's ridiculously adorable.