Which celebrities made it to Coachella?  Try ALL OF THEM ... from Kendall and Kylie Jenner to Michelle Pfeiffer and Kate Capshaw.  Yes, really.  

Check out photo galleries here and here.

If you missed the big OUTKAST reunion at Coachella this weekend, don't worry ... the entire performance is online ... all 90-plus minutes of it.  

WARNING!!!  The video includes profanity, so don't play any clips without carefully vetting them first.

BEYONCÉ and JAY Z both made surprise appearances onstage.  Beyoncé danced during her sister SOLANGE'S set, but didn't sing.  And Jay rapped for a few minutes with NAS. 

PHARRELL brought out GWEN STEFANI to sing "Hollaback Girl". Here's video. WARNING!!! Uncensored profanity.

Someone supposedly got video of LEONARDO DICAPRIO dancing like a goof.  But his face was covered, so we don't know for sure if it was him.  

DIANNA AGRON was making out with some guy.

DAVID HASSELHOFF made it to the show ... and hung with KID CUDI.  
Photo Credit: Getty Images

AARON PAUL pulled off a long-distance Photobomb.