Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were being interviewed by a guy at Monday's Met Gala ... and the dude picked his nose.  Then he started touching Kanye's tux.  And the whole thing was caught on video.  Did he put a booger on Kanye?  We'd like to think so.


During an appearance on "Conan" last Wednesday, SETH GREEN appeared to PICK AND EAT A BOOGER.  It wasn't caught during the show, but someone noticed it and posted the video online.

It's a sly maneuver.  First, Seth wipes his nose with his right hand.  Then he drops said hand down to his thigh, and starts rubbing his thumb and first two fingers together, like he brought something back from the expedition.


Then he TRANSFERS it from his right hand to his left ... and then he PUTS HIS HAND TO HIS MOUTH and apparently nibbles something off of it. 

Here's the video.  It happens right at the beginning.