For a short while, the internet believed that SCOTT WEILAND had been arrested for robbing a Rite-Aid, and possession of METH.  But only because some guy who looks a lot like him pretended to be Scott at the time of his arrest.  After TMZ ran a story saying he'd been in jail for the past month, Scott denied it in a video.  And that's when the truth came out.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department confirmed that the guy they have in custody is AN IMPOSTER.  This guy apparently looks so much like Scott that he pretended to be him when he got busted on July 26th.

He told the arresting officers that his name was Scott Weiland ... and he got away with that ruse for FOUR WEEKS.  But now that the cops have run his prints, they know he's actually some dude named Jason Michael Hurley.  They've also added "impersonating a Stone Temple Pilot" to the charges.