A 56-Year-Old Woman Pulls a Knife on a 25-Year-Old Who Didn't Want to Have Sex

56-year-old Elizabeth Highley of Jensen Beach, Florida and 25-year-old Crue Finley were together a few weeks ago at Elizabeth's house, getting drunk on wine.

Apparently Elizabeth thought it was a date, but Crue thought they were just friends... which became an issue when she tried to talk him into having SEX.

He wasn't into it... not only is she more than twice his age, but in her mugshot she looks a little like GARY BUSEY.

 She got so angry that she grabbed her CANE and a hunting KNIFE, and started chasing Crue around the house.  When he got out, she chased him down the street.

Luckily he saw a cop in a convenience store parking lot and flagged him down... just as Elizabeth was running up with the knife.  She was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault.  



A Woman Leads Cops on a High Speed Chase, Because She Preferred the Jail in the Next County

34-year-old Luz Avilla of Chickasha, Oklahoma was driving drunk earlier this week in Grady County, Oklahoma when the cops tried to pull her over.  Instead, she took off.

Then she led the cops on a high-speed chase as she raced toward Caddo County, which is the next county over. 

And when she finally got out of the car, she told the cops she'd fled because Caddo County's jail is NICER than Grady County's . . . so she wanted to make it into Caddo to get locked up there. 

Unfortunately for her, she stopped just a few miles before the county line . . . it's not clear why she pulled over.  So she was arrested and taken to the jail she DIDN'T like for DUI and evading charges. 

We don't know the crimes she committed in the past that allowed her to spend so much time in various local jails. 

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