Houston residents have been engaging in extra-marital affairs in record numbers according to new data from AshleyMadison.com. The dating site designed for people already in relationships has decided to reveal the least faithful neighborhoods in Space City based on the 159,763 cheaters who live there.

According to membership per capita, the most affair seekers live in Sugar Land, with University Place, and Baytown rounding out the top three zip codes. Below please find the full list of Houston's Most Popular Neighborhoods for Cheaters:

1) Sugar Land (8.9%)
2) West University Place (8.8%)
3) Baytown (8.4%)
4) Eastwood (7.8%)
5) Larchmont (7.5%)
6) Braeswood (7.1%)
7) Westchase (6.6%)
8) Kingwood (6.5%)
9) River Oaks (6.3%)
10) Meyerland (6.1%)

Here's some additional data the naughty dating site dug up in their research of the '713':

* Not only does Sugar Town have the most cheaters, it's also home to the most single women seeking married men

* 47% of Houston's philanderers are female (average age 35)
* Meyerland members have the most children

When comparing Houston to Dallas:

*Houston is home to nearly twice as many cheaters as D-town (77,793)
*Dallas is home to more single women seeking married men (20.1% vs 17.3% in Houston)
*48.5% of Houston males prefer to take their affair partner to a steakhouse on a first date, compared to 37.9% of Dallas men