He's a 24-year-old Swedish guy who records himself playing computer games, then uploads the videos to YouTube.  That's it.  And what does he get from that effort?

23.9 million subscribers ... 3.69 BILLION views ... and a yearly income of $4 MILLION.  And that's AFTER YouTube's 45% cut.

His real name is Felix Kjellberg (pronounced Kyel-berg).  He tries to be funny as he plays  ... mostly horror and action games ... and narrates and swears in English.  You can see his reactions in a little box in a corner of the screen.

He's a normal-looking dude with a modest apartment, a small desk, and an average-looking work setup.  But he has the most subscribed channel on YouTube, and the most viewed online video channel of ALL TIME ... and he only started it two years ago.

Here's where this is going:  The horror movie "As Above So Below" had a decent opening this weekend . . . the trailer has about 10 million views.  But the viral miniseries PewDiePie and his girlfriend created to promote the movie?  It has TWENTY million.