Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge videos are kind of OVER, but this one is worth looking at:  Because it's MATT DAMON, and he used TOILET WATER.  And not from the tank.  He took it from the BOWL.

He did it because of the drought in California and, more importantly, because he co-founded Water.org, a charity dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to everyone around the world who needs it.

And he said, quote, "Keep in mind that the water in our toilets in the West is actually cleaner than the water that most people in the developing world have access to."



Here's an amazing ice bucket challenge... from a TWO-YEAR-OLD GIRL.  She nominates three people and everything.  Then they dump the ice on her, and she lets loose with a pretty shocking obscenity.  

She has a British accent, so here's the full translation: "A water challenge!  I nominate Marshall, Adam, Chantelle.  Here we go... WAUGHHH!  [Effin'] hell!"  WARNING: the video has uncensored profanity.)

 B-REAL from Cypress Hill didn't want to waste water for his Ice Bucket Challenge, so he used POT.

Is that Superman Henry Cavill??!!

Leonardo DiCaprio Ice Bucket Challenge Video

 Jennifer Aniston's Ice Bucket Challenge Video