Better enjoy OLIVIA WILDE'S baby bump while you still can.  She's due in two weeks. 

Either this horse is really tired, really friendly ... or he's just over all this new obsession with KALEY CUOCO.  (Seriously, all she had to do was admit she has breast implants, and suddenly we can't escape her)

LEA MICHELE had a NIP-SLIP while filming a music video.  We can only hope they keep it in when they release the director's cut.  You'll find her uncensored quarter-sized nipple here.


If there's any child who doesn't have the slightest chance at a normal life, it's the one TILA TEQUILA is currently carrying in her womb.  No word on the dad, by the way.


Related Comedy:  Tila Tequila is pregnant.  There's no word who the father is, but so far I've got it narrowed down to Los Angeles.