1. Let’s look at Single MARIAH CAREY ...

2. JENNIFER ANISTON looks totally pregnant in a couple pictures from a movie premiere the other night.  But as you can see in the third photo, she's not.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

3.CARRIE UNDERWOOD is pregnant.  She and her husband MIKE FISHER are expecting their first baby next spring.  They've been married four years.  Carrie's 31, Mike is 34.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD and her husband, hockey stud MIKE FISHER, are expecting their first child.  

She posted an Instagram yesterday of her two dogs wearing shirts:  One read, "I'm going to be a big brother" . . . and the other said, "I'm going to be a big sister."

4.Check out some videos of RIHANNA dancing in a bikini.  (WARNING!!!  The music playing in the background of these videos contains UNBLEEPED PROFANITY.)

5."People" magazine has your first look at ANGELINA JOLIE'S wedding dress.


6.Happy Birthday Salma Hayek 48 today…