1.  KIM KARDASHIAN is developing some serious abs.

2.  EVA LONGORIA may not have the biggest boobs in Hollywood, but they can produce some stunning cleavage when they want to.

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3. Speaking of cleavage, LEA MICHELE knows how to do a lot with a little, too.

Photo Credit: Splashnews.com

4.  EMMA ROBERTS posed in her panties and other skimpy things for "Paper" magazine.


5. Did you have any doubt that pregnancy was going to be good for ALYSSA MILANO'S boobs?

6. Seth Rogen's Face Has Appeared ... On Miley Cyrus' Knee!  

It's a miracle . . . although probably one that would have been more fitting if it occurred on 4/20 . . . 

The image of SETH ROGEN'S face appeared . . . on MILEY CYRUS' KNEE.  It's somehow even more fitting that it popped up in a picture of Miley in concert, simulating ORAL SEX on a blow-up doll.  (???)