1. Someone combined JENNIFER LAWRENCE with SCARLETT JOHANSSON to create a woman who might just be more beautiful than both of them.

2. SOFIA VERGARA danced with DEREK HOUGH at a post-Emmy party ... and suffered a NIP-SLIP.

Photo Credit: Splash

3. PAULA PATTON showed up at a post-Emmy party in a SEE-THROUGH dress.  

To be fair, a lot of times these women's dresses aren't see-through until the paparazzi's flashbulbs hit them.  Then again, they and their stylists should know this by now.

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4. CHELSEA HANDLER did her final shower scene last night with ELLEN DEGENERES.  Ellen was fully clothed, and Chelsea's naughty bits were blurred, as usual. 

Here's the video and you can watch her emotional goodbye and find out everything else you need to know about the series finale, here.

Related Comedy:  For her series finale, Chelsea Handler did another scene where she's naked in the shower.  Which begs the question:  Couldn't E! have canceled the show a day earlier? 


5. MALIN AKERMAN cut her hair kind of like Miley Cyrus.

6. GISELE BUNDCHEN even looks sexy kicking around a soccer ball.  

And here she is TRYING to be sexy.