1.Here's IRELAND BALDWIN in a bikini.  Sorry guys, you're not her type.

2. At 51, HELEN HUNT shouldn't look this good in a bikini.

Fabulous over fifty! Helen Hunt looked better than ever in a bikini (and she's 51!):

3. PENELOPE CRUZ has a two-piece body ... why does she insist on wearing a one-piece?

4. The World Cup is thrilling this year, but you know what it doesn't have?  MARIA SHARAPOVA upskirts.  You have to go to Wimbledon for that action.

Photo Credit: Getty

5. What the hell is LADY GAGA wearing now?

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7. I have no idea why LEANN RIMES was being chased by Christmas elves on the beach.  But since she was wearing a bikini, I don't really care.