1. Is it wrong to stare at the crotch of a bikini-clad EVA LONGORIA?  Does that potential wrongness keep you from doing it?  I didn't think so.

Photo Credit: Getty

2. KATY PERRY put out her video for "This Is How We Do".  It's pretty weird.  There's imagery seemingly inspired by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, pizza, dancers dressed like Pee-Wee Herman, and a Mariah Carey lookalike.

3. SELENA GOMEZ was walking around yesterday with her butt hanging out of her cut-offs.

Photo Credit: Splash

4. ALICIA KEYS is pregnant with her second child.

5. I’ll give you 1 guess who put this together… Ahem, Rod!

Hot Chicks in Red Bottomed Shoes!

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