1. No 50-year-old should be able to look this AMAZING in a bikini.  Well done, ELLE MACPHERSON.  Thanks for making everyone else look bad.

2. PAMELA ANDERSON and RICK SALOMON didn't seem like a couple that's divorcing when they were caught KISSING in Malibu on Wednesday.

3. Happy B day Scout Willis 23 on Sunday

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4. LINDSAY LOHAN posted a selfie on Instagram, where she's wearing a bikini, and making a weird duck-lips / kissing face.  It isn't her best look ... but if you like Lindsay's cleavage, you probably won't mind it.

5. KIM KARDASHIAN was doing some sunbathing, and decided to share her "lovely lady lumps" with her Instagram followers.

6.  If you've ever wondered what SELENA GOMEZ might look like wearing a SHOWER CURTAIN ... these photos may be as close as we're going to get. Also check out some other Selena pics below!