CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S boobs really do respond well to pregnancy, don't they?

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JADA PINKETT posted a VERY SEXY nude photo of herself on Facebook.

She captioned it, quote, "The human body is beauty, art, creativity, expression, a vessel for the soul, our temple and a magnificent machine.  We gotta take care of it.  Love on your body today. It's thee only body you got."


HEIDI KLUM is 40 and she's had four kids.  And yes, maybe her boobs are getting a little pancakey.  But when she struts around on the beach in NOTHING but a bikini bottom, she still gets my attention.

So LORDE did indeed meet GEORGE BRETT Tuesday night.  It was a picture of Brett in his Kansas City Royals uniform in "National Geographic" magazine that inspired Lorde to write the song "Royals".