1. Jennifer Aniston does The ice Bucket Challenge 

2. KIM KARDASHIAN posted a no-makeup selfie.

3. Here's KHLOE KARDASHIAN channeling her "inner Priscilla Presley."

4. ROSE MCGOWAN has decided that her new haircut makes her look like "Hitler's stoned cousin".

5. RIHANNA blew up her Twitter with pictures of herself and her baby niece.

6. Do you know your CELEBRITY BOOTY?  Take this quiz and find out.


7. OLIVIA WILDE did the Ice Bucket Challenge with what she CLAIMED was her own BREAST MILK.  She said, quote, "It took me all night to make this."

Obviously, she LIED.  She later Tweeted, quote, "Oh wait some of you thought that was really breast milk?  Oh dear.  Uh thank you?  But my boobs aren't that generous.  Haha."