In a fairly stunning move, Lebron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He made the announcement in a LOVE LETTER written to the city of Cleveland that was posted on the "Sports Illustrated" website on Friday. He only signed a two-year max contract for now, but said he plans on retiring a Cavalier. The shorter deal is just a financial move to maximize his salary.


1.  In his letter, which was titled "I'm Coming Home", LeBron says he wants to RETIRE in Cleveland. 

Read the letter here.


2. Skylar Grey posted a tribute to Lebron James on YouTube, where she sings a few bars of her song "Coming Home", with the added lyric, quote, "I know Cleveland awaits, and they've forgiven my mistakes."


3. Dan Gilbert's nasty open letter to Lebron James four years ago was published in the goofy "Comic Sans" font. So, someone took LeBron's love letter to Cleveland and converted it to Comic Sans.

Read Dan Gilbert's original letter here and read Lebron's letter in comic sans here!


4.  Fans in Miami may not be as incensed about Lebron James leaving as Cleveland was four years ago ... but someone did deface his image in a mural, which took over TWO YEARS to complete.


5. Shaquille O'Neal playfully commented on Lebron James' latest "Decision" by Instagram-ing a collage of the SEVEN different team uniforms he wore throughout his career ... with the caption:  Quote, "And y'all mad at LeBron."