A 49-year-old in Wales named Stuart Kettell wanted to do something unique to raise money for a charity called Macmillan Cancer Support.  So instead of having a bake sale or a car wash . . . he pushed a Brussels sprout up a mountain with his nose.

He started last Wednesday, and the mountain he chose was 3,560 feet high.  Which isn't Everest or anything, but it still took him four days to do it.

He wore a special mask that protected his face, but left his nose exposed.  And after the first day, his knees were already raw from crawling.  In the end, he went through 22 Brussels sprouts, because they kept falling apart.

His goal was to raise 5,000 pounds, which is about $8,400.  But he's already raised more than $9,000, and people are still donating online.  If you want to help, go to JustGiving.com, and search for "Stuart Kettell."

This isn't the first crazy stunt Stuart has done.  He's trying to raise a total of $70,000.  So in 2011, he ran seven marathons in seven days.  And in 2012, he hung from a bunch of helium balloons for a week. 

He says the Brussels sprout thing was the hardest stunt so far though.

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