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Crazy Criminals ... Groom arrested for groping pregnant waitress + Woman sifts through Fecal Matter for Swallowed Ring and MORE!

Posted September 3rd, 2014 @ 5:33am

A Groom Is Arrested at His Wedding Reception After Groping a Pregnant Waitress and Fighting Her Boyfriend

A 33-year-old guy got married in Pittsburgh on Sunday ... then tried to grope a pregnant 19-year-old waitress at the reception.  She called her boyfriend ... they got into a fistfight ... and the groom, his brother, and a friend were all arrested.

The waitress says she felt the worst for Mark's new wife, Edyta.  Quote, "She was very understanding.  She didn't argue with anybody.  She was probably shocked and [was] in tears that this happened on her day." 


Cops Made a Woman Who Swallowed a Stolen Ring Sift Through Her Poop to Find It

Cops Made a Woman Who Swallowed a Stolen Ring Sift Through Her PoA 25-year-old woman in Utah stole a ring from a jewelry store over the weekend, and SWALLOWED it.  Now she's in jail and the cops are waiting for it to work its way out . . . but they say they aren't paid enough to dig for it themselves.  So the woman has to dig through her own poop until it turns up.  She's facing a felony theft charge.p to Find It


A Couple Is Arrested For Stealing $30 Worth of Sex Toys From Walmart

A 23-year-old woman and her 20-year-old boyfriend were at a Walmart in Ohio in the middle of the night last week ... and stole four SEX TOYS worth about $30.52.  They were vibrating rings made by Trojan and Lifestyles.  Both of them are facing theft charges.


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